Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weigh In #3

Biggest Weight:  264 lbs
Last Week's Weigh In:  255.8 lbs
Today's Weigh In:  256.4 lbs

How I did: + 0.6 lbs

I'm thinking I got a little cocky with my having lost weight a couple of weeks in a row.  I'm bummed that I gained weight, but it's only a little over half a pound.  This week I'll just have to hit it harder.  Also, it probably didn't help that I had Olive Garden and Hugos with my sister and Maddie this week.  I've also been munching considerably more since they've been here.  It's easy to grab pizza or whatever we're snacking on while we watch movies or chit chat.   

Other Updates:

  • I finally started to workout again!  I woke up Wednesday morning, stretched, and used the treadmill my wonderful mommy purchased for me a couple Christmas' back.
  •  I'm finding inspiration to keep myself going everywhere.  A few notable mentions being:
    • Mindful Eating:  A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food (Jan Chozen Bays, MD).  My boss suggested I read it, so I am.  If nothing else, it's helping me to figure out why I feel the need to stuff my face with *insert food at whatever time.*
    • Pinterest with great quotes, food recipes, and the like.  I'm hoping this lifestyle change is going to help move me in the direction of cooking/baking.  I love to do both.  
    • My friend Tami's older brother.  He posted on his facebook this week something about running.  She's always talking about how busy he is, and when I read his status I had the thought, "If he can fit an hour of running into his life, I can certainly make time in my morning."  :)  
  • Last Week's Goals were a hit and miss.  I had no soda (success!), I did eat a couple doughnut holes one day (6 out of 7 days not eating them is progress!), & I did not get 4 miles done in the week.  I started yesterday and did 1.5 miles (progress!).  

Weekly Goals:

  • No soda between today and next weigh in day.  I only wanted it around lunch time all this last week (when I'd see my coworker drinking hers), so I'm not craving it as much!  :)  
  • Run four times over the next week.
  • Update Myfitnesspal daily & be within the calorie limits for the day.  


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