Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday is our Weigh In Day! :)

Biggest Weight: 264 lbs
Last Weeks Weigh In:  259.6 lbs
Today's Weigh In:  257.4 lbs

Weekly Loss:  2.2 lbs
Total Loss: 6.6 lbs

I weighed myself this morning and was very pleased to see the loss.  To double check, I moved my scale to a different spot on the bathroom floor and re-weighed myself.  257.4 flashed at me again so I decided it's gold.  :)

Other Updates:
  • Yesterday I purchased new gym shoes, finally.  They're a darker grey with purple and have good traction.  Thank you JC Pennies.  
  • I've noticed it helps if I pack my lunch for work the night before.  I have healthier options in it and don't toss junk in it (I do this if I'm rushing in the morning) or decide to skip it and eat at work.  
  • I've also been setting up breakfast for the morning the night before.  I measured out this mornings oatmeal last night, put it in a bowl, and covered it in the cupboard.  I also sliced the strawberries for my green shake.
  • My first attempt at a green shake isn't bad.  It's delicious.  However, it's more of a brown color with red and green polka dots.  I need more spinach and less banana I'm thinking.  :)  

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