Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weigh In #2

Biggest Weight: 264 lbs
Last Week's Weigh In:  257.4 lbs
Today's Weigh In:  255.8 lbs

Weekly Loss:  1.6 lbs
Total Loss:  8.2 lbs

Over the last week I was a little bit of a shit.  On Saturday I had Applebees (See: Spinach/Artichoke dip, bacon cheese burger and fries, and a blondie) with Rachel and blew my calories for the day right out of the water.  I drank pepsi that day and on Tuesday when I went to my parent's house.  At work I had shrimp, a cream puff, chocolate cake and a corn dog.  I'm not mad at myself per say, because I think I've been doing a decent job at portion control.  However, I do want to cut soda out of my diet entirely.  Or if I'm going to indulge in these types of foods I need to not do it so often.  However, progress is still progress.  :)   

Other Updates:
  • When Rachel came to visit this last weekend, she did some "real" before photos for me.  We wrote my weight from last Thursday's weigh in on the white board behind me and snapped the photos.  I have a front, both sides, and a back view in my workout clothes and in my second biggest jeans.  I'll post these when I take the next set of photos so I can do them side by side.  This is purely for vanity reasons, haha.  I want to look better before I post the worst.
  • I couldn't find the 24s I used to wear, so I settled for putting on my 22s.  To be honest, when I purchased the 24s, they were slightly big on me anyways.  The 22s are starting to loosen, but that's from the drop in weight I've had so far.  They get to count as my fat pants.  :)  I'm excited because when I've hit my goal weight and thus am in the healthy zone, I want to put them on, pull them out to show the room, and have my picture taken.  I want to be the smiling happy girl in the before and after photos you see.  
Weekly Goals:
  • No soda between today and next Thursday.  It's unnecessary and terrible for me.  
  • No doughnuts/sweets purchased on breaks at work for the next week.  I bring more than enough food in my lunch box. 
  • Start implementing exercise into the lifestyle.  I want four miles done between today and next Thursday.  That's one mile ever other day.  Walking a mile at a 3.0 takes 20 minutes.  You have twenty minutes a day.  

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